Coated Paper / Boards Applications

How to improve coated papers and boards using FiberLean® MFC

The microfibrils generated in the FiberLean® MFC process exhibit a web-like network structure with very high surface area and aspect ratio; providing many interesting properties which can be utilized in a broad variety of applications. When mixed into the furnish of fibre-based materials such as paper and board, the strength of both the wet web and dry sheet is increased. Furthermore, the voids between fibres are bridged and fibres are drawn closer together. The densified structure has substantially reduced porosity and lower surface roughness, which significantly improves application and hold-out of subsequent functional coatings.

Less coating penetration when using MFC due to smoother and more closed surface structure of the base.

FiberLean MFC Coated Paper & Boards Applications

Using 2%MFC, the coat weight can be decreased by approximatively 25% whilst maintaining the target paper properties.

FiberLean MFC: Coated Paper & Boards Applications
* Experimental details: 80 g/m² woodfree paper was prepared on a pilot paper machine: 70% Eucalyptus / 30% Pine (450 CSF), 20% GCC filler, 0% and 2% MFC, no sizing added. Paper was coated with: GCC / Kaolin formulation (10 pph Latex), Coat weights between 6 to 14 g/m², Supercalendared.

Main benefits include:

  • Improved surface properties and coating hold out
  • Improved coated sheet properties
  • Coat weight reduction
  • Binder or Kaolin replacement

The use of MFC for coating applications leads to the following scenarios:

FiberLean MFC Coated Paper & Boards Applications

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