At FiberLean we invented a scalable process for the production of MFC (microfibrillated cellulose). The size of our production modules can be tailored to fit your needs.  

Our innovations can generate millions in savings for you.

Why not achieve higher productivity and quality, or develop products you never thought possible before?

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Roots in science and nature - accelerator for commercial advances

What’s the point of 650 patents from over 100 scientists, engineers, papermakers and building products innovators?
Your growth, continuous success… and even bold advances in your markets.
Our state-of-the-art research and development laboratories and pilot facilities based in Cornwall, UK, continuously deliver FiberLean MFC technical solutions to our customer base which is already spread across three continents.

Our team of specialists are always ready to provide the support and equipment to enable you to achieve proof of concept at full scale in your industrial process.

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Instead of synthetic options, why not use the natural gift of cellulose fibre available all around the globe?  



Today at FiberLean, our manufacturing modules provide our customers with the flexibility to reduce materials and costs or enter new markets at levels of productivity they could never reach before, with only a moderate CapEx requirement. 

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  • Improve sustainability

  • Save costs

  • Improve properties

Our game-changing breakthroughs by market

As world leaders of MFC for paper and packaging, FiberLean is also ready to partner with customers in a range of industries where the MFC revolution is happening.
Are you seeking substantial savings and new properties in ceiling tiles? Or MDF and other panel board products? 
These are just a few of the areas where we are active. Don't hesitate to reach out to us for more insight on what the future could bring. See all markets


Our MFC (Money From Cellulose) modules onsite

Why just imagine your own onsite MFC production unit, FiberLean can make it a reality helping you to improve productivity, quality and savings.

FiberLean production units are incredibly flexible. Whatever your fibre, we have a solution. Our core business is MFC but we also supply composites – combinations of MFC and minerals that will bring the quality you need.

The only limitation is your imagination.

How to get an MFC Production Unit?

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Let our experienced team support you through your MFC project from start to finish!

However your project starts; in a lab, as a pilot or at a full scale trial at your facility, we can supply MFC in big bags and the equipment you need through our worldwide logistics support. 

Our dedicated trial team will assist you in validating the MFC performance in full scale trials of meaningful lengths; not just hours, but days, providing you reliable results.

We always keep 20 tons of MFC in big bags in-house, ready to ship for a quick trial.

As a FiberLean customer, our applications team will always be by your side.

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Collaboration is our way to create value. FiberLean is made up of engineers, paper mill professionals, scientists and individuals who care about our future.