Our Technologies

We produce MFC with finesse and quality…

We give high performance and value.

Fiberlean grinder v2

Gentle MFC production with finesse

This is where the magic happens... in your own FiberLean MFC patented module(s). 

Our robust grinding technology is the centrepiece of FiberLean MFC on-site production units — fully commercialised and scalable.

The technology brings the flexibility to customise the MFC formulas for your current offerings or your extended portfolio.


Ultra-fine grinding using wet stirred media mills

Our robust grinding process subjects fibres to gentle yet intense milling, liberating an optimal “microfibrillated” network structure.

plant square 1 1

MFC Production Unit

Our MFC small scale onsite Production Unit grows as your output grows, so you can use more MFC to gain greater flexibility to lower costs and new products development. You can add additional grinding modules quickly and with ease. Our MFC unit uses your raw materials to build the appropriate MFC to meet your needs.

A dedicated onsite manager utilises a continuous flow of data to fully optimise, gaining from our global hub of experts—who review your processes on a routine basis.

Our MFC Production Unit is a plug and play dynamic. You can start with a button, and even control remotely.

  • Robust, reliable proven tech

  • Small footprint

  • Online monitoring

  • No chemicals added

  • 95% availability

MFC support know-how

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MFC support know-how

In addition to the MFC from our production unit, you also get 15 years of know-how in producing MFC on an industrial scale. Our teams make the difference in delivering a high performing MFC to our customers.

Producing MFC industrially on three continents—and at our own industrial scale facility in Cornwall, makes all the difference in delivering a high performing MFC to our customers.

Develop further your use of MFC and get the best support from our experts.

  • 800+ patents
  • Plant monitoring 24/7
  • MFC pilot plant
  • MFC plant with drying capability
  • MFC quality lab
  • Dedicated experts

FLoT MFC Jet Applicator

The latest innovation from FiberLean in surface applications is a sustainability breakthrough, eliminating artificial barrier additives without CapEx.

  • Access our proprietary and patented surface application technologies and start your next development phase.
  • Convert to MFC Barriers without CapEx and lower OpEx.
  • Turn your brown board to white top without a machine rebuild.
Picture 2

Sustainable Barriers

Apply a 100% natural, bio-based MFC barrier on top of the sheet

  • Oil and grease barrier
  • Oxygen and aroma barrier.
  • Mineral oil barrier.
  • Very smooth & closed surface.
  • High strength & durable layer. 
Picture 3

White Top Liner

Convert to white top liner by applying an MFC based coating onto the brown layer:

  • Layer comprised mostly of mineral, with MFC as the only binder.
  • Efficient and uniform coverage of dark bases.
  • Excellent printability.

MFC Drying Technology

We have the technology to dry MFC and deliver to you in bags

Your options include:

  • Dewatering your MFC up to 18% solids and deliver your MFC in bags by pressing and make down process technology.
  • Drying up to 45% solids and deliver MFC in powder.
Dried product 1 1
  • Up to 45% dry weight
  • Up to 1 year shelf life
  • Properties maintained