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The Werhahn Group acquires FiberLean Technologies, a leading manufacturer of an innovative, sustainable composite material.

Neuss, March 29, 2021 We are excited to announce that, effective immediately, the Werhahn Group, a German fully family-owned business Group, has acquired 100% ownership of FiberLean Technologies. Formed five years ago as a joint venture and previously owned by Imerys SA and Omya International, FiberLean Technologies will now be a fully functional commercial business that will continue as a separate legal entity within the Werhahn Group. Part of the acquisition of FiberLean Technologies involves the purchase of four MFC production facilities at sites in the U.S., India and France.

Together with the new owner Werhahn KG and its strong entrepreneurial values, FiberLean Technologies will intensify its growth in current markets and its development into new markets. With the new owner, FiberLean Technologies will actively promote the dissemination, deployment, and application of its technological expertise through their innovative products. FiberLean Technology’s activities and all existing locations in the USA, UK, India and France will in future be managed from Germany.

Over the next 3 to 6 months, FiberLean Technologies will work with Werhahn KG, Imerys SA and Omya International to smoothly transition services, systems, and assets to the FiberLean books and operations, so business continuity will be ensured.

Enrico de Landerset, General Manager of FiberLean Technologies: “We are happy to have found a new owner in Werhahn KG, who wants to further develop our business internationally with us in a sustainable way according to the Werhahn philosophy ‘a company for entrepreneurs’. I am sure that together with Werhahn we will profitably expand our leading market position!”

Paolo Dell’ Antonio, Chairman of the Management Board of Wilh. Werhahn KG, explains: “We are pleased to add FiberLean Technologies to our portfolio, a business activity whose innovative products can contribute to increased sustainable resource use and efficiency in various industries. Over the last ten years, FiberLean Technologies has developed an impressive technology which has good growth potential in the paper and packaging industry and other fields of application. We are convinced that we can develop FiberLean Technologies into a profitable and valuable business area of the Werhahn Group in the coming years. 

About FiberLean Technologies

Founded in 2016, FiberLean Technologies is a pioneer in commercialization of cellulosic nanomaterials. Globally they provide solutions and technology for their international customers, among others in the paper and packaging, food and building materials industries. There, FiberLean Technologies applies its industrial, reliable and scalable process to further proliferate the use of cellulosic nanomaterials as natural, renewable, abundant, high performance materials towards a more sustainable future. As a leading global producer of cellulosic nanomaterials, FiberLean Technologies is committed to producing FiberLean® MFC (micro-fibrillated cellulose) at the highest quality and best economically viable prices in the market. FiberLean Technologies GmbH is a company of the Werhahn Group and is headquartered in Neuss, Germany.

About the Werhahn Group

Wilh. Werhahn KG was founded more than 175 years ago as a diversified family business. Today, the group of companies is engaged in a wide range of activities in Germany and abroad in the fields of building materials (natural stone, slate), consumer goods (Zwilling Kitchenware, Zwilling Beauty Group, Jaguar/Tondeo Professional Hairdressing Equipment) and financial services (abcfinance, Bank11, Yareto). The companies of this medium-sized family business employ approximately 10,000 people world-wide.

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