Ready to convert from single-layer brown board to double-layer whiteboard at low CapEx?

April 20, 2023 - St Austell, Cornwall

Join the FiberLean team and Per Svending in Munich at IMPS April 25-27, 2023, where he will present significant progress on full-scale trials with FiberLean’s patented coating applications technologies.

Says FiberLean Project Leader Svending, “Our game-changing offering is FLoT (FiberLean on Top) converts brown linerboard to White Top Liner at the wet end—without a rebuild. Conversion to higher added-value paper products happens with little capital investment while maintaining competitive operational costs. This makes good sense for papermakers who have struggled to see how White Top premium over regular linerboard could justify the enormous investment required to convert the traditional way. A big bonus is print surfaces suitable for flexography and digital printing.”

In addition to the FLoT White Top breakthrough, FLoT Jet applicators at the wet end offer a wide range of grade development opportunities, such as replacing less desirable binders or plastic barriers—all aimed at sustainability targets. 

 headquartered in Neuss, Germany. Go to to learn more.


Adds FiberLean CEO Enrico de Landerset, “The new FiberLean is a commercial powerhouse to support customer cost-saving measures and entirely new innovations simultaneously. 

The centerpiece of the FiberLean business offer is MFC modules on-site, using robust grinding technology finesse to deliver high-quality MFC. The result is always economical and sustainable gains for customers”. Continues de Landerset.

With over 800 patents, FiberLean MFC, and customers on three continents, FiberLean’s scientists and application specialists help customers with practical, biomaterial sustainability advances. FiberLean Technologies is part of the Werhahn Group and is headquartered in Neuss, Germany. Go to to learn more.

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