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FiberLean MFC: A Heavy Burden of Proof

Posted in Conferences on 06 December 2021

Striving for the best possible cost-efficiency, FiberLean plants are built on-site at customers´ mills. It is a nice concept, but…

Even black boxes are now in colour!

Posted in News on 29 November 2021

When you last bought any household appliance it was most probably packed in a corrugated box with high quality images of the product printed on the outside, right? This is the way packaging is done these days. Not surprisingly, this leads to high growth in demand for white printable linerboard.

FiberLean on Top Black Box
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The Pulp Market and its Influence on FiberLean

Posted in News on 20 November 2021

Our applications in UWF, CWF, FBB and WTL are all, more or less, dependent on the value of the pulp we replace with filler and MFC. 

New owner for FiberLean Technologies

Posted in News on 29 March 2021

The Werhahn Group acquires FiberLean Technologies, a leading manufacturer of an innovative, sustainable composite material.

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